Hold-to-run switches

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Pilz Enabeling switch - PIT EN
Pilz Enabeling switch - PIT EN
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3-stage enabling switch: off-on-off...
Safety System Products Enabling switch with sensors ZEUS SP-X-85 1
3-stage operating and enabling switch....
Safety System Products Enabling switch with sensors and controls ZEUS SP-X-85 1
3-stage operating and enabling switch with sensors, diagnostics and control functions....

Hold-to-run switch

What is an enabling switch?
An enabling switch, also known as a hold to run switch allows operators to safely control machine functions from within the hazardous area. A hold to run switch is a portable switch that can ensure the safety of your employees.

How does a hold-to-run switch work?
The hold to run switch is a switch with 3 positions (OFF-ON-OFF). The enabling switch turns the machine on when the switch is pressed halfway. The hold to run switch is the ideal solution to ensure the safety of operators during unpredictable situations. A person's startle reaction can vary; one person may tighten and squeeze the hand switch, another may let it go. The machine is switched off when the switch is fully pressed or released.

The ZEUS - modular enabling switch
In our product range you will find the Zeus modular enabling switches from SSP. These hold-to-run switches are robust modular hold-to-run switches that can be configured to meet the needs of the user. The switches can optionally be equipped with an emergency stop, hand detection, key switch or suspension detection.

The ZEUS consent switch can be equipped with an activity sensor, which prevents unwanted use. Only when the consent switch is removed from its holder will the functions be active.

The switch can also be equipped with an in-hand sensor, the in-hand sensor ensures that the switch is only active when the user's hand is detected, thus protecting it from manipulation, e.g. by the use of a tie-wrap.

ZEUS enabling switches can be equipped with different connectors:

- Self-wiring
- nPlug connection
- Pre-wired cable (standard or spiral)

Enabling switch PITenable
The PITenable enable switch from Pilz is a 3 position hold to run switch. This switch is difficult to manipulate, maintenance-free and has a light and stable pressure point. This off-on-off switch is equipped with a 5m cable with three different connection options.

- 5-pin M12 angled QD
- Pre-wired (open end)
- Pre-wired spiral cable (open end)

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