Interlock blocking device for lightcurtains

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Fortress Interlocks Interlock Blocking Device for light curtains BRAVO
Universal interlock blocking device for light curtains interrupts light beams while an operator is performing maintenance within the safeguarded area....

Mechanical entrapment Safety for Light Curtains

The mechanical enclosure safety for light curtains is the ultimate solution to ensure that light curtains are only interrupted when necessary. This universal locking system prevents unintended restarts and enhances safety in your work environment.

The BRAVO mechanical enclosure safety is a fully mechanical retrofit solution to prevent enclosure hazards and unintended restarts of light curtains. Operators can carry a safety key when entering the secured area behind the light curtain.

Key Features of the Bravo Mechanical Enclosure Safety:

  • Completely Mechanical: The BRAVO operates without electronics, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Easy Installation: Easily mount the BRAVO on virtually any light curtain.
  • Light Beam Interruption: The enclosure safety interrupts the light curtain beams for added security.
  • 200,000 Unique Key Codings: Enhance security with a plethora of key combinations.
  • Full RVS 316: Constructed from high-quality stainless steel for durability.
  • Robust Design: The BRAVO is designed to withstand challenging environments.
  • Various Block Plate Sizes: Available for mounting on columns or protective profiles.

How Does the BRAVO Mechanical Enclosure Safety for Light Curtains Work?

  1. During Operation: Easily install the BRAVO using sliding nuts on the side of the light curtain or on a protective profile. Turn the encoded key to activate the blocking mechanism for the light beam, preventing the light curtain's safety contacts from being activated.


  2. During Maintenance: The encoded key can only be removed when the blocking mechanism interrupts the light beam. Operators carry the key into the secure zone to prevent unintended machine restarts or resets. When multiple operators enter the area, safety padlocks can be used to prevent unblocking of the light beam.

Enhance the safety of your work environment with the BRAVO mechanical enclosure safety for light curtains.