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 Discover Datalogic's safety laser scanners, the latest additions to the Machinesafety-shop!

Discover Datalogic's safety laser scanners, the latest additions to the Machinesafety-shop!

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The Machinesafety shop has recently been enhanced with two new laser scanners: the SLS-SA5-08 and SLS-SA3-08 safety laser scanners from the Datalogic brand, a leading player in automation and sensing technology.


These innovative devices offer a total solution for the safe monitoring of two-dimensional areas, among others, ensuring optimal protection of personnel and a safe working environment

The distinction between the SLS-SA5-08 and SLS-SA3-08 safety laser scanners lies mainly in their range. The SLS-SA5-08 has a range of up to 5.5 metres, while the SLS-SA3-08 has a range of up to 3 metres. The rest of the features such as, dimensions of the scanner itself, weight, adjustable zones, and so on, are the same.

These versatile laser scanners are equipped with various features and can be used for a variety of purposes. Here is a brief explanation of five of these functions/features, making it clear what the SLS-SA5-08 and SLS-SA3-08 safety laser scanners have to offer.


1. Safe zone monitoring

Datalogic's laser scanner consists of three zones. The first zone is the safety zone (orange), as soon as a person/object enters this zone, the machine will stop. The two outer zones (light blue and dark blue) are the warning zones. As soon as a person/object enters these zones, the laser scanner will detect this but the machine will not shut down.





In addition, the zones can also be divided into areas, the number of which varies between one two or three zones




2. Reliable for industrial use

The laser scanners are suitable for use in various (industrial) environments, as they can withstand temperatures ranging from -10°C to +50°C.




3. Connecting multiple laser scanners

Using just one cable, you can securely connect up to four scanners. You have the option of creating an integrated system via a single access point.

4. Safe speed monitoring

When the laser scanner is installed on dynamic applications such as automated vehicles, automated carts and forklifts, the safety zones ensure that speeds are adjusted. Upon detection of people or other objects in the warning zones, the speed will reduce, once the object is actually in the safe zone, the speed is brought to zero to ensure safety.

5. Muting function

Finally, the laser scanner features a 'muting' function, meaning that specific areas can be excluded. If an object is in this area, the laser scanner will not send any signals, which would result in the machine stopping. In practice, this is applied, for example, to treadmills in which no objects are allowed to enter except those already on the treadmill. Another example is an object that needs to deliver products to a machine; this object is allowed to enter the space. However, if a person enters outside this 'muting' area, the machine will come to a stop.

View our range of Datalogic safety laser scanners here. In addition, you can contact us here, our Safety experts are always ready to provide you with additional information!

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