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How does the mGard Trapped Key System from Fortress help optimise safety?

How does the mGard Trapped Key System from Fortress help optimise safety?

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Discover the essence of the mGard Trapped Key System in this article. What exactly is it? How does it work? How does it contribute to security and efficiency in various applications? These questions will be answered as we delve deeper into the features and benefits of this innovative system.

What is the mGard Trapped Key System?

mGard is part of the Fortress range of mechanical interlocked key systems. This range of products is third-party certified and are suitable for use in applications up to PLe/Cat. 4 or SIL3 levels.

Trapped key interlocking can be used to enforce complex safety procedures, mainly in situations involving multiple energy sources (such as electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic).

The use of mechanical keys minimises the need for electrical wiring typical of other types of locking systems. This makes mGard a cost-effective solution that is easy to install and maintain.

Voordelen van het mGard Trapped Key System  

✔ Adaptability                         ✔ Savings                        ✔ PLe/Cat. 4 or SIL3 certified

1. Adaptable to any situation - The mGard Trapped Key System is a flexible system that can be adapted to enforce specific key sequences depending on the unique requirements of different applications. This means that the system can be configured to require the predetermined sequence of operations. This ensures accurate compliance with security procedures. Different configurations can be designed to provide solutions for specific needs.

In terms of technical specifications, mGard offers an extensive range of switch boots. This includes interlock modules and valve interlocks designed for pneumatic and hydraulic isolation, as well as variants for galvanic isolation. This diversity of options allows companies to choose a system that perfectly suits their specific application and environment, while meeting the highest safety standards.

2. Savings on purchase and installation - The mGard Trapped Key System is a fully mechanical system and therefore largely eliminates the need for electrical wiring, which is normally common with similar locking systems. This makes the system cost-effective. It also saves time due to its easy installation.

3. Certified - This system has been thoroughly tested to ensure optimum performance even under the most demanding conditions. The mGard Trapped Key System is PLe/Cat. 4 or SIL3 certified. Moreover, it has been approved by external parties for use in situations where high reliability is crucial.


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